Founder, Mark Silverthorn

Earlier this year, Metcap, one of Toronto's largest residential landlords had not only  been charging evicted tenants two months rent for not giving notice but also putting a derogatory notation on the tenant's credit report.

Toronto Star reporter Marco Chown Oved described this practice by Metcap in a story earlier this year.  In response to this Toronto Star story an Ontario Government official described Metcap's practice as illegal.

Several months after the initial Toronto Star story.  Mark Silverthorn, Founder of Comprehensive Debt Solutions, was interviewed by Toronto Star reporter Marco Chown Oved for his October 1, 2015, follow up story.

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Toronto Star

The October 1, 2015, online edition of the Toronto Star ran a story by reporter Marco Chown Oved titled "Forgiven debt lingers on credit report for three months".