Alberta                            Statutue:         Fair Trading Act

                                       Regulation:     AR 194/99  Collection and Debt Repayment

                                                              Practices Regulation

British Columbia             Statute:           Business Practices and Consumer Protection Act

                                       Regulation:     B.C. Reg. 295/2004  Debt Collection and

                                                              Repayment Regulation

Manitoba                        Statute:           The Consumer Protection Act

Newfoundland                Statute:           Collections Act

                                       Regulation:     986/96 Collections Regulations

New Brunswick              Statute:           Collection Agencies Act

NWT                              Statute:            Consumer Protection Act

Nova Scotia                   Statute:           Collection Agencies Act

                                      Regulation:     NS Reg. 151/76 Collection Agencies Regulations

Nunavut                        Statute:            Consumer Protection Act

‚ÄčOntario                          Statute:           Collection and Debt Settlement Services Act

                                      Regulation    : Regulation 74 General

Quebec                          Statute:           An Act Respecting Collection of Certain Debts

                                       Regulation:     Regulation respecting the application of the Act

                                                              respecting collection of certain debts


PEI                                 Statute:           Collection Agencies Act

Saskatchewan               Statute:           The Collection Agents Act

Yukon                            Statute:            Consumers Protection Act


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Provincial regulation of Bill Collectors

Each province and territory in Canada has a provincial law dealing with not only licensing of collection agencies but also regulating their conduct.

In some provinces this law is contained in a provincial statute as well as regulations enacted pursuant to that statute.

In most provinces these laws regulate the conduct of collection agencies.  In some provinces, however, these rules also apply to debt buyers or firms which have purchased debt.

You may be getting phone calls from collection agencies which originate in your province, in another province, or sometimes from outside Canada.

Regardless of where these collection calls originate the applicable law governing the conduct of the collector and the collection agency is the law in the province in which you live.

Founder, Mark Silverthorn