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7033 Telford Way, Suite 17
Mississauga, ON  L5S 1V4
Tel.: Toll Free  (844) 472-7010 or (905) 671-4151
Fax: (905) 479-1075

60 Centurian Drive
Suite 201, North Tower
Markham, ON  L3R 8T6
Tel.:  Toll Free (877) 669-4935 or (905) 671-4151
Fax: (905) 479-1075

Quebec Office

4650 boul. Des Laurentides
Suite 450
Laval, QC   H7K 2J4
Tel.:  Toll Free (866) 682-5008 or (450) 622-9559
Fax: (450) 662-1381

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Here is a redacted letter dated April 19, 2017 sent from MJR Capital to a resident of Consecon, Ontario on behalf of Bank of Nova Scotia.

Here is a copy of a letter dated April 1, 2017 sent from MJR to a resident of Montreal, Quebec, on behalf of Canadian Tire Bank.

MJR Capital Services Inc.

Founder, Mark Silverthorn

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The registered head office for MJR Capital Services Inc. is listed as 7033 Telford Way, Suite 17, Mississauga, Ontario.