We aslo try to provide Canadians experiencing problems with unsecured consumer debt with one-on-one consultations designed to provide them with custom-tailored solutions. 

Finally, in the broadest sense, we strive to be advocates for Canadian consumers experiencing debt problems--including shining a spotlight on those entities taking advantage of vulnerable consumers.

Mission Statement

Mark Silverthorn enjoys the opportunity to assist Canadians determine their most optimal strategy for dealing with their existing debt predicament.

At Comprehensive Debt Solutions our mission is to assist Canadians struggling with unsecured consumer debt as well as non-residents incurring debt in Canada.

We strive to provide the public with helpful information regarding financial literacy.  More specifically, our goal is to provide the public with content which can assist individuals in their dealings with not only creditors and their authorized collection agents but also those entities holding themselves out as assisting consumers facing challenges with unsecured debt.

Mark Silverthorn, Founder of Comprehensive Debt Solutions, is happy to speak to various organizations on the subject of consumer debt and financial literacy.