Danielle has a disciplined approach to personal finances. She believes it is crucial that individuals not only have a budget but also that they track their monthly income and expenses on a regular basis.

Danielle also takes a creative approach to paying less than full price for many items including housing, transportation, clothing, and food.

A firm believer in giving back to the community Danielle does volunteer work in Waterloo Region.  She volunteers at Meals on Wheels and at the Kitchener Humane Society. Not surprisingly Danielle's passions include cooking and animals, particularly dogs.

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This photo was taken minutes before a company staff meeting.  Company President Danielle Lorimer sits beside Company Founder Mark Silverthorn.  Also pictured is Rosie, the firm's Office Manager.

Danielle Lorimer, President

The President of Comprehensive Debt Solutions is Danielle Lorimer.  She is fluently bilingual with extensive experience in accounting, sales, and quality assurance.

Danielle has worked  for a number of international firms including Siemens, Rockwell Automation and a subsidiary of Airbus.

As a sales representative for Siemens Danielle was one of a handful of women selling power plants to large corporate customers around the world.

Danielle Lorimer

Mark Silverthorn is the Founder of Comprehensive Debt Solutions.  He has enjoyed a very diverse career having worked as a political aide on Parlimanet Hill and at Queen's Park in Toronto.  Mark's resume includes being a lobbyist for an industry association, serving as the senior executive of a national trade association representing Canada's shippers, practising criminal law in downtown Toronto, working 12 years as a collection lawyer, writing a book, and being a professional blogger on issues related to consumer debt.  Mark Silverthorn has been a member of the bar in both Ontario and in New York state.

Rosie ("The Riveter") Bulldog

Rosie spent time at the Kitchener Humane Society before accepting an entry level position at Comprehensive Debt Solutions.  Since joining the firm Rosie has held progressively more responsible positions.  Today Rosie serves as the firm's Office Manager and her duties include answering the phones, making coffee, and  acting as the firm's liaison with salespeople.  When Rosie is not hard at work on the job she enjoys going for walks, socializing with squirrels and rabbits, and chewing on wooden furniture--particularly teak.

Mark Silverthorn, Founder

‚ÄčMark Silverthorn

Meet Our Team

At Comprehensive Debt Solutions our front-line staff are passionate and enthusiastic about everything that we do.

In the picture, located to the right, during an impromptu Team Meeting front-line staff members discuss the firm's new, more relaxed, dress code, the organization's Privacy Policy,  as well as the firm's protocol for handling all inbound telephone calls.

Our front-line Team Members are so enthusiastic sometimes management finds it necessary to try and keep them on a leash.

We have a number of people who work part-time for the firm and whose identity shall remain anonymous.  That does not detract from the key contributions that they make to the firm.

Our company does, however, have a number of staff members who do not shy away from the limelight and who are just as comfortable in a television news studio as they are in a dog park.