Founder, Mark Silverthorn

Mark Silverthorn

Mark Silverthorn's eight year-old daughter

Diverse network of contacts and experience

Mark Silverthorn has a diverse network of contacts acquired over a career spanning 35 years in politics, government, law, lobbying, the non-profit sector, the collection industry, the financial services industry, publishing,  as well as signficant experience dealing with the media.

The Wolf At The Door has been a very popular book among not only the public, the media, but also those people who provide financial advice--including debt-related advice.

Aftter this game-changing experience Mark decided he wanted a more purposeful likfe which he could attain by sharing his insider's knowledge fo the collection industry with Canadians from all walks of life.

In 2006 following his daughter's comments Mark stopped doing collection work fro creditors and collection agencies.  Instead he crossed the creditor-debtor fence and began representing consumers experiencing problems with unsecured consumer debt.


His book titled The Wolf At The Door

In 2009 Mark signed a book deal with Canadian publisher, McClelland & Stewart.  His book titled The Wolf At The Door:  What To Do When Collection Agencies Come Calling was in bookstores across Canada in 2010.  

Since writing The Wolf At the Door Mark is often asked by the news media to comment on consumer debt and the conduct of bill collectors.

In 2014 Mark started a successful career as a professional blogger contritubing numerous articles focusing on consumer debt.  His articles have appeared not only in national debt-related websites but also in publications such as Canadian Lawyer and the Law Times.

"Daddy sends letters to people that say pay your bill and if they don't pay their bill then you put them in the garbage can."

The Founder of Comprehensive Debt Solutions is Mark Silverthorn, author, former collection lawyer, and collection industry insider.  For twelve years--between 1994 and 2006--Mark Silverthorn worked as a collection lawyer for four of the ten largest collection agencies in the country in the Greater Toronto Area.

One day Mark asked his 8 year-old daughter what her father did for a living. Her response had a profound impact on him

Mark Silverthorn, Founder,

Comprehensive Debt Solutions

Mark Silverthorn is routinely consulted by the media on issues involviing unsecured consumer debt and the activities of bill collectors.