Founder, Mark Silverthorn

Kingston Data and Credit is one of the fastest growing collection agencies in Canada.  Chief Operating Officer Blair DeMarco-Wefflaufer is part of the new breed of collection agency owner that over the next few years will replace some of the dinosaurs currently managing--some-but not all--of Canada's collection agencies.

Head office:             

498 Eagle Street N.

Suite 102

Cambridge, ON  N3H 1C2

Tel.: (519) 653-0854

Toll Free (888) 908-3151

Fax: (519) 653-6930

Ontario offices:

1100 Clarence Street

Suite 204

Brantford, ON  N3S 7N8

Fax: (519) 753-0066

500 Christina Street N.

Sarnia, ON  N7T 7W5

Tel.: (810) 294-4793

Fax: (810) 479-5232

Quebec office:

4 Rue Tachereu

Suite 300

Gatineau, QC

Tel.: (514) 907-6778

Fax; (514) 900-6801

Kingston Data and Credit