Founder, Mark Silverthorn

their "debt coach" should find someone who has a successful track record negotiating favourable lump sum settlements.Mark Silverthorn, the Founder of Comprehensive Debt Solutions Inc. has personally negotiated hundreds of favourable settlements on behalf of people living in Canada.  He has also negotiated settlements on behalf of former Canadian residents who incurred a debt while living in Canada who now live outside Canada.

Mark describes many of these settlements in his book The Wolf At The Door:  What To Do When Collection Agencies Come Calling (2010), published by McClelland & Stewart.

A "debt coach" does not  communicate directly with your creditors

If you hire a "debt coach" you will discover that while he or she will coach you as to how to negotiate a favourable settelement they will not communicate directly with your creditors or your creditors' authorized collection agents.

This is because in most Canadian provinces anyone who negotiates a settlement directly with creditors on behalf of a client must be licensed  as a collection agency and comply with onerous regulatory requirements.

Calling our office to learn more about the benefits of hiring a "debt coach" might be one of the most  helpful things you have ever done.

If you would like to learn more about hiring a debt coach to assist you in eliminating your unsecured consumer debt then we would invite you to call our office at (519) 827-5513 and speak with Mark Silverthorn, the Founder of Comprehensive Debt Solutions.

Importance of hiring a "debt coach" with a successful track record

It is not enought that you hire a reputable individual to be your "debt coach".  Anyone who is going to pay somone to act as

Importance of hiring a reputable "debt coach"

Since anyone can hold themselves out as a "debt coach" it is very important that anyone wanting to hire one choose someone reputable otherwise they risk losing their money to an unscrupulous operator.

  1. he can do it on his own
  2. he can hire a "debt coach" to coach or mentor him
  3. he can hire a firm to negotiate settlements directly with his credtiors on his behalf

Some Canadians would like to arrange to settle one or more outstanding unsecured consumer accounts--and potentially some student loans--by making a one-time lump sum payment for substantially less than the current outstanding balance.

A person who would like to settle their debts has three choices as to how about doingt it:

Hire a debt coach to assist you

eliminate your debt