Founder, Mark Silverthorn

Free second opinion of your

credit counselling program

Former collection industry insider Mark Silverthorn has spoken to hundreds of Canadians providing advice concerning their particular debt situation.

You are welcome to call Mark Silverthorn for a free second opinion of your current credit counselling program.

Step 1:    Provide us with background info in writing

Prior to scheduling a free 10-minute phone consultation with Mark Silverthorn we would ask that you send us an e-mail summarizing the details of your current Debt Management Plan to the following private and confidential e-mail address:

This would include a list of your creditors included in your credit counselling program and Debt Management Plan as well as the amount of your payments under your plan.

In the Subject Line of your e-mail please include the following:

Request for free second opinion of credit counselling program

Step 2:    Schedule your free 10-minute phone  

                consultation with Mark Silverthorn

Once you have provided us with some background information in writing then we would be happy to schedule a free 10-minute telephone consultation with you.

You are welcome to call us at (519) 827-5513 to book your free 10-minute telephone consultation.

Please note that no legal advice will be provided during this free 10-minute telephone consultation.