by Mark Silverthorn should be construed as the provision of legal advice.  Any individual seeking legal advice should speak to someone licensed to provide legal advice in their province.

Any advice that you receive during a consultation with Mark Silverthorn is practical advice based upon his knowledge as a former collection agency insider and his extensive research as an author and professional blogger on issues related to unsecured consumer debt.  No advice provided


           The 8 Steps to Making to Booking a

                Clarity Phone Consultation

    1.  Go to Mark Silverthorn's Profile page on Clarity website

         by clicking on button immediately beneath this section.

    2.  Register with Clarity on its website.

    3. Left click on the green button "Schedule a Call" on Clarity

        website on Mark Silverthorn's Profile page.

    4. Choose three dates and times when you are available for

        a phone call with Mark Silverthorn.

    5.  Mark Silverthorn has no more than 72 hours to respond 

         to your request.

    6. You will receive a confirmation e-mail confirming (i) the 

        date and time of Clarity call, (ii) and you will be given a

        Toll Free  phone number to make your call, as well as an  

        Access Code for the call.       

   7. Call the toll free number provided by Clarirty at the  

       appointed time and access the call with your Access


   8. After your Clarity call your credit card will be billed at

       Mark  Silverthorn's rate of US$2.50 per minute.

If you are interested in exploring the possiblity of meeting with Mark Silverthorn in person for a consultation  then we invite you to you complete the attached form and someone from the office will be in contact with you to discuss availability and fees.

Fees for in-person consultations

   We offer flat rate telephone or Skype  consultations at

   the  following rates based on which block of time you


                15-minute consultation               Cdn$50.00

                30-minute Consultation            Cdn$100.00

                45-minute consultation             Cdn$150.00

                 60-minute consultation            Cdn$200.00

     All fees are payable in advance of the consultation.          All fees include applicable provincial and federal tax.

Fees For Telephone or Skype Consultations

  • by telephone
  • via Skype
  • in-person

Option A:  

Contact our office to arrange consultation

If you contact our office by telephone or via e-mail you will have the opportunity to arrange any one of the following types of consultations:

Option B:  

Pay by-the-minute phone consultation

We offer individuals the opportunity to schedule a telephone consultation with Mark Silverthorn using a website called Clarity, in which case the consumer's credit card will be billed US$3.33 per minute immediately following the call.

Clarity-facilitated consultations are limited to (1) telephone consultations and (2) the only method of payment available is by credit card.

We offer one-on-one consultations regarding issues involving unsecured consumer debt for Canadians and non-residents incurring debts in Canada.

Mark Silverthorn, the firm's Founder, is a resident of Cambridge, Ontario, and he is available to provode the following types of consultations:

  • by telephone
  • via Skype
  • in-person

Telephone consultations are available in French, by appointment.

Two different ways to arrange a consultation with Mark Silverthorn

Speaking to Mark Silverthorn on the phone for 15 or 30 minutes might just help you learn how to save thousands of dollars eliminating your unsecured consumer debt and in some cases avoiding paying any monies whatsoever to a creditor--without filing for personal bankruptcy.

Buying 15 or 30 minutes of Mark Silverthorn's time might be the greatest financial investment that you will make in your lifetime.

Services for Individuals

Over the past several years Mark Silverthorn has provided practical advice to hundreds of consumers across Canada experiencing problems with unsecured consumer debt..