Federal regulation of bill collectors

Federal Credit Business Practices Regulations

Since January 1, 2010, the federal government has regulated the conduct of bill collectors--original creditors as well as their authorized representatives--with respect to the collection of monies owing to banks or credit card companies.  

There federal regulations can be found in the Credit Business Practices Regulations, SOR/2009-257 enacted pursuant to the federal Bank Act.

Since most collection calls made to Canadians involve monies owing to banks--and to a lesser extent to credit card companies--federal law plays an important role in regulating the collection of monies owing to banks and credit card companies.

  • collection of monies owed to banks and credit card companies
  • use of automated diallers  (robocalls)
  • federal privacy legislation in those provinces which have not          enacted provincial privacy laws
  • Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL) regulating e-mail and      text messages sent to consumers
  • conduct which constitutes a criminal offence

In certain circumstances the federal government does regulate the conduct of bill collectors.  More specifically, the federal government may regulate the conduct of bill collectors in the following areas:

Founder, Mark Silverthorn