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The registered head office for EOS Canada In., formerly Nordon, is 325 Milner Avenue, Unit 11, in Toronto, Ontario.

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Head Office:

325 Milner Avenue, Unit 111
Scarborough, ON  M1B 5N1
Tel.:  Toll Free (800) 268-5368 or (416) 291-2113
Fax: (416) 412-3042

British Columbia Office:

555 Sixth Street, Suite 409
New Wesminster, BC  V3L 5H1
Fax:  (604) 540-1200

Quebec Office:

50 Cremazie Blvd. Ouest, Suite 400
Montreal, QC  H2P 2T1
Tel.:  Toll Free (800) 567-7017 or (514) 383-5711
Fax: (514) 383-3616

Founder, Mark Silverthorn

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Here is a redacted collection letter dated February 13, 2018 from EOS Canada demanding payment from a consumer in collection with monies allegedly owing to the Bank of Nova Scotia.

EOS Canada (formerly Nordon)