Founder, Mark Silverthorn

Former collection industry insider has given telephone advice to hundreds of Canadians struggling with debt.  In many instances his advice has enabled consumers to save thousands, and in some instances, tens of thousands of dollars.

Debt coaching from former collection industry insider Mark Silverthorn

Why should I get some debt coaching services from former collection industry insider Mark Silverthorn?

Company Founder Mark Silverthorn is routinely consulted on national news programs including Global National News, CBC National News and CBC Marketplace.

Debt coaching services are for practical advice

The debt coaching services provided by company Founder Mark Silverthorn are for practical advice based upon his career in the debt collection and debt relief industry spanning three decades.

Any person seeking legal representation or legal advice should hire a licensed legal professional in their jurisdiction.

You can read the answer to this question in an August 21, 2016 post appearing on LinkedIn (see below).

Mark Silverthorn, the Founder of Comprehensive Debt Solutions, offers one-on-one debt coaching services to consumers struggling with debt.  

This service is available to not only consumers living across the country but also individuals living outside Canada owing monies to Canadian-based creditors.

This service is typically provided by telephone, but it is also available via Skype, or in some instances, in person to those living near Cambridge, Ontario.