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Purchased debt and limitation periods

In some, but not all cases, a debt that is owned by a debt buyer has aged to the point where the relevant limitation period for the debt has expired.

The following 90-second video explains the significance of limitation periods.

This 90-second YouTube video describes how a Canadian might be able to take advantage of a limitation period.

A debt buyer is a firm that purchases delinquent accounts.  The debt buyer then attempts to collect these delinquent accounts using its own employees or outsources the collection work to another firm.

For the purposes of this webpage there are two distinct categories of debt buyers:

Collection agency:  A collection agency is firm that collects outstanding accounts on behalf of creditors--often referred to as third party collections.  Some collection agencies will purchase debt as a secondary line of business.  As a general rule, a collection agency's primary business is collecting outstanding accounts on behalf of creditors--and not collecting debts owned by the collection agency.

Pure debt buyer:   A pure debt buyer is a firm that purchases outstanding accounts but does not engage in third party collections.

We are currently in the process of building a list ofpure  debt buyers that either have or currently are engaging in debt purchasing of delinquent accounts of Canadian consumers.

The focus on the webpages on this website which can be found under the tab titled "DEBT BUYERS" is pure debt buyers and not collection agencies.

Contact our office if a debt buyer has purchased your account

We would invite you to contact our office if you have received payment demands from a debt buyer or a collection agency or law firm representing a debt buyer.

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