Here is a redacted copy of a collection letter Credit Bureau of Canada. sent to a resident of British Columbia.

The registered head office for Credit Bureau of Canada Collections (Collectcents) is located at 1450 Meyerside Drive, Second Floor, in Mississauga.

Head Office:

1450 Meyerside Drive, Second Floor

Mississauga, ON  L5T 2N5

Tel.:  Toll Free (800) 256-8964 or (905) 670-7575

Fax: (905) 670-7069

British Columbia Office:

88 6th Street, Unit 410

New Westminister, BC  V3L 5B3

Tel.: (855) 782-8033

Fax: (604) 522-9867

Ontario Office:

1 St. Paul Street, Suite 403

St. Catharines, ON  L2R 7L2

Tel.: Toll Free (877) 340-8103

Fax: (905) 641-1515

Quebec Office:

4150 Rue St. Catherine Street West, Suite 240

Montreal, PQ H3Z 2Y5

Tel.: (877) 688-3681

Fax: (514) 313-1247

Contact information

Credit Bureau of Canada Collections

‚Äč(aka Collectcents)