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Allied International Credit Corp.

ARO Inc.

CBV Collection Services Ltd.

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Credit Bureau of Canada Collections

Credit Risk Managment Canada Ltd.

D&A Collection Corporation

Dixon Commercial Investigators

EOS Canada Inc.

Financial Debt Recovery Ltd.

Gatestone & Co.

GECF Collections Company

iQor Canada Ltd.

Metropolitan Credit Adjusters Ltd.

MJR Capital Services Inc.

NCO Financial Services Ltd.

Partners In Credit Inc.

Total Credit Recovery Limited

Tricura Canada Inc.

The purpose of this section is to provide information regarding the 23 largest collection agencies in Canada.  Each of these collection agencies employs a minimum of 50 collectors making collection calls to Canadians.  These 23 collection agencies collect more than than 75 percent of all the debt collected by collection agencies in Canada.  Here is a list of the 23 largest collection agencies in Canada.

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At Comprehensive Debt Solutions Inc. we are proud of our extensive knowledge of the collection industry which is based upon the following:

Collection Agency Profiles