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In this short YouTube video former collection lawyer Mark Silverthorn describes the people making collection calls to Canadians.

Affinity Global

Allied International Credit

ARO Inc.

CBV Collection Services Ltd.
Commercial Credit Adjusters Ltd.
Common Collection Agency
Credit Bureau of Canada Collections
D&A Collection Corporation
Dixon Commercial Investigators
EOS Canada Inc.
Financial Debt Recovery Ltd.
Gatestone & Co. 
GECF Collections Company
iQor Canada Ltd.

Kingston Data and Credit
Metropolitan Credit Adjusters Ltd.
MJR Capital Services Inc.
NCO Financial Services Ltd.
Partners In Credit Inc.
Total Credit Recovery Limited
Tricura Canada Inc.


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On this website you can find a dedicated webpage for each of these largest collection agencies operating in Canada.

According to our sources, the following collection agencies employ more than 50 collectors:

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Updating information found on this webpage

At Comprehensive Debt Solutions Inc. we are creative in terms of how we obtain information which is not available to the public.

A collection agency is a firm that collects monies owing to others.  The primary business of collection agencies is collecting unpaid accounts owing to other firms on a commission basis.  Some, but not all, collection agencies, also will purchase portfolios of unpaid accounts.  The accounts are referred to as purchased debt.

Your original creditor is the firm that provided you with goods, services, or credit.  Today it is becoming more common for original  creditors--especially creditors other than chartered banks--to sell their unpaid accounts. 

Each province and territory in Canada not only licenses collection agencies but also regulates their conduct.  If you live in British Columbia, Alberta, or Ontario then you are entitled to the same protections with respect to the activities of debt buyers as you are from collection agencies.

If you are a former or current employee of a creditor, collection agency, collection law firm, or a debt buyer you are invited to share your observations with Mark Silverthorn by contacting him at (519) 987-3270 or

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