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Canadian Collector Database

We would invite you to contact our office to obtain more information about obtaining a copy or a subscription to one or more of our databases of collectors employed by third party collection agencies in Canada.

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British Columbia Collector Database

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Our firm has currently assigned two full-time staff to not only creating but also maintaining a current database of all collectors working in Canada for collection agencies who are making collection calls to Canadian residents.

Ontario Collector Database

The Ontario Collector Database has been completed as of February 23, 2015.  It includes the names of approximately 4,000 collectors employed by collection agencies in Ontario.

The Ontario Collector Database  includes not only the name of the collector, the name of their employer, as well as some contact information.  This list also includes the number of collectors working at a particular collection agency.

It is not only possible to obtain access to the Ontario Collector Database but also it is possible, on a subscription basis, to obtain access to an updated list of names, on a monthly or quarterly basis. 

These updates can be very important not only due to the high turnover of collectors in the collection industry  but also because of the fact that collectors often change employers.

British Columbia Collector Database

We anticipate that we will have our British Columbia collector database completed by the end of March 2015.