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We would love to have the input of someone who has some expertise in the area of website design.

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This website, and the Mark Silverthorn Blog could benefit from the insights of someone who has a strong background in search engine optimization.

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Our website could benefit from the volunteer contribution of someone with a background in graphic design work.

Research work

We create a significant number of lists containing contact information for organizations.  These projects could certainly benefit from the contribution of volunteers who help us create these lists.

Volunteer Positions Available

Comprehensive Debt Solutions Inc. is not a charitable organization nor is it a non-profit organization.  However, we do provide a substantial amount of high-quality content to the public --aimed at helping people struggling with unsecured consumer debt.  Some of the information contained on this website might assist a Canadian with debt problems save hundreds, thousands, and in some cases, tens of thousands of dollars.  The content on this website is available to anyone who has access to the internet at no charge whatsover.  The content on this website is made available because a number of people volunteer their time to create this content.

The information that we provide on this website, on the Mark Silverthorn Blog, as well as our many YouTube videos has had a dramatic impact in terms of helping many Canadians struggling with unsecured consumer debt..  Finally, Mark Silverthorn, the Founder of Comprehensive Debt Solutions Inc., routinely receives e-mails and phone calls from peope who say that they read his book, The Wolf At The Door: What To Do When Collection Agencies Come Calling (2010) and it was a real life-saver.

You might be one of those people whose lives has been changed by what we have done.  You might have read The Wolf At The Door, watched some of our YouTube Videos, or read some of the material on this website or some of the blog posts on the Mark Silverthorn Blog or on LinkedIn.  You may be very supportive of our efforts to assist Canadians facing challenging with their debt situation.  It is possible that you might be interested in volunteering some of your time to assist us help Canadians with debt issues, and promoting financial literacy, as set out in more detail in our organization's Mission Statement.

Volunteers wanted

If you are interested in assisting our organization's efforts to help Canadians experiencing problems with debt then we would invite you to contact Mark Silverthorn, Founder of Comprehensive Debt Solutions Inc.

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