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We protect the anonymity of our sources

It is very important to us to protect the anonymity of any of our sources.

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Our sources in the collection industry have provided us with key documents which are not accessible to members of the public through normal channels.  Photo courtesy of Emilie van Gent.

We are very fortunate that a number of people are able to provide us with information which can be helpful to Canadians struggling with unsecured consumer debt.  Photo courtesy of Emilie van Gent.

We would invite you to contact Mark Silverthorn and share with us any informantion or documents that you might have which would be helpful to the public.  You are welcome to call him at (519) 827-5513 or send him a confidential e-mail at 

You might have information which would be helpful to the thousands of Canadians who are having a difficult time because of their debt situation.

You might be someone who works--or used to work--in the collection industry.  Alternatively you might be someone currently employed, or used to be employed, for a firm that provides services to persons struggling with unsecured consumer debt. 

This may include persons in the following industries:

  • creditors
  • collection agencies
  • collection law firms
  • debt buyers
  • suppliers to the collection industry
  • debt consultants
  • debt settlement firms
  • credit counselling agencies
  • licensed insolvency trustees
  • credit reporting agencies
  • industry associations
  • persons regulating the activities of these groups

Be a Listening Post